Drakeguten is the first book in a series about the boy Koll by Asbjørn Rydland. It's currently only available in Norwegian, and the title would translate to Dragonboy. 

Koll is a stable master's son and one day finds out there's a dragon sleeping within him.

Maraius the assassin

In the second book we follow Koll when he encounters Maraius, an assassin. He also has a dark secret from his past, who is he really?

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Koll - Model and costume: Kake // Photography and edit: Tom Vidar Johannessen  
Maraius - costume and photography: Kake // Model: TVJ

Koll - about the costume

Shirt is made from light, green fabric with some texture. It has a small button in front similar to the traditional Norwegian clothing. I wanted the shirt to be of a better and more elegant fabric than the rest, to give the sense of Koll not being poor but still working hard in the stables to help his father. Pants are made from denim like fabric in dark green and brown shades, and is held up by a belt that is not seen in the pictures. 

The vest is made from thick, more coarse fabric with extra stiches at the top. Ring is a real golden ring and is one of the items that is just mentioned in a passage or so. I thought it would be a nice little detail to the costume. Belt from a second hand shop, shoes from Ecco, sword and shield from Hafrsfjordkaupangen (viking festival). 

Maraius - about the costume

A three piece set in black. Inner shirt is a simple, sleveless shirt with machine embrodery in brown. Pants are wide and loose, but narrow by the feet, also with brown machine embrodery. It is held up with a thin cord. Outer shirt is a asian inspired shirt with a crossover front. The shirts are fasten with a wide belt, also with brown machine embrodery.