Spring summary

I had a dream of keeping up with this blog a lot more after the new year, but alas. I’ve been busy and there has been a lot to do. I still have a hope that I will be able to post more than I did last year.

So what have happened since December?

  • I’ve watched Tidying up with Marie Kondo, and fell in love with the KonMari Method

  • I’ve bought Marie Kondo’s books and organized the whole house according to the KonMari Method

  • I really have tried to read more, but I cannot say for sure what I have been reading

  • Because I have such a short term memory, I started using the Good Reads app again

  • Books I know I have read: Still Life with Crows, Every Dead Thing, Dark Hollow, A study in Scarlet

  • I celebrated my birthday with a wonderful parties with friends and family

  • I tried things I don’t usually do: made cinnamon buns, panecakes, chili con carne and sushi

  • I’m trying to do 100 days of meditation, and I use the app Headspace to keep track