Ribe Vikinge Center


This summer we also spent one day at Ribe Vikinge Center in Denmark. We got some thypical nordic summer weather, rain, rain, rain. But we had a great time regardless. Reconstructed buildings, farm, market place. Beautiful Danish nature and a truly special place with a great atosphere. Every year there is a big viking festival and market at Ribe. We also got to know that it is possible to order a spot or a house and live as vikings on the location.  

Vi var ein tur på Ribe Vikinge Center då vi var i Danmark i sommar. Der fekk vi oppleve ein typisk nordisk sommar med regn, men vi hadde det kjekt likevel. Rekonstruerte hus, gardar, langhus, marknad. Vakker Dansk natur og ein plass med utruleg fin stemning. Vi fekk vite at det også er ein stor vikingmarknad på Ribe kvart år, og det er mogleg å bestille eit hus eller plass for å bu som vikingar på staden.

The following text is taken from Ribe VikingeCenters website:

Background and history

Archaeologists and people with a general interest in history have always believed that Ribe played an important role in the Denmark of the Viking Age. The challenge, of course, was to put this claim to the test of scientific examination.

Excavations carried out in the area by Den Antikvariske Samling (The Antiquarian Collection, now part of Sydvestjyske Museer, the association of museums in south-western Denmark) over the last many years have fully confirmed these assumptions.

Almost every year, new and exciting finds are made, and there is no longer any doubt that Ribe is one the world's most important regions for the documentation of trade, craftsmanship and farming in the Viking Age.

The stated purpose of Ribe VikingeCenter is to communicate Ribe's Viking Age history by bringing it to life in our reconstructed environments. 

Read more at Ribe VikingeCenters website.

Summer in Denmark


It's been a busy fall and a lot of new things starting up. But we did have time to relax and have fun this summer in Denmark.

Det har vore ein travel haust og oppstart av mange nye ting. Vi hadde likevel tid til å slappe av og ha det gøy i sommar då vi var i Danmark.