Legolas of Mirkwood


Bard the Bowman

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Legolas - Costume and model: Kake // Photography by Tom Vidar Johannessen
Bard - Costume and photography: Kake // Model: TVJ

Legolas - about the costume

I made the jerkin out of brown and green linnen with pearl silver emrodery. The inner shirt (you don't really see it) is made from linning fabric in silver/gray, it has traditional Norwegian buttons. The vambraces are made from fake leather, with copymarker. Bootcovers made from fake suade leather. Bow, arrows and quiver bought at Hafrsfjordkaupangen Viking Festival. Blue lenses from Teknikkmagasinet and wig from ebay. 

I spent a lot of time on this costume, and it's not finished yet. Embrodery is not my thing really, so it took me over a day (in total) to finish the embrodery on the jerkin. 

The bow is hanpicket for me, and not for this costume and it does not match the bow Legolas uses. I still think it fits the cosplay, being a light and flexible longbow. 

Bard - about the costume

Most of the costume is homemade; coat, pants outer shirt, fingerless gloves and bootcovers. The coat is made of faux fur and furniture upholstery. The pants are made from grey linen. Fingerless gloves are croched and has some faux fur. The bootcovers are made from the same furniture upholstery, but have a gray faux fur underneath. Wig styling and makeup by Kake.

Bow, arrow and quiver is bought at a local viking marked.