Skyrim is a action roleplaying game, the fifth in the Elder Scrolls series. The playable character in the game is the Dovahkiin, but there are several other races and classes in the game. The Forsworn are a group of Reachmen, also called Witchmen of High Rock. They are part nord and part breton and they worship the old gods. 

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Costume and model: Kake // Photography: Kim's Cosplay

About the costume

I went for a random Forsworn design and added bow and arrows. The top, skirt, vambraces and boot covers are all made of faux fur. the dreads are made of merino wool and the bird skull pendant is made from fimo clay. The vambraces have leather straps and I used an old bel as a arm ring. In the belt I have a moose bone and some more merino wool.  The dagger was bought at London Expo and I can't remember where I got my quiver from.